Blue Cheese, Ham and Fig Conserve Crêpes

By Karen Burns-Booth Blue Cheese, Ham and Fig Conserve Crêpes – Delicious savoury crêpes that would make a fabulous family supper dish for any midweek meal or for Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)

Savoury Crêpes for Pancake Day

The climb to the top of the crowded hilltop street was hot, the sun beat down relentlessly and all I could think of was an ice-cold drink. Then just on my right I saw a narrow alleyway that lead out onto a balcony, there were a few free tables there still, so I darted in and sat down. The little bistro restaurant where I was sitting, I discovered, …read more

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TV Premiere: Season 5 of food. curated Premieres This Week on NYC Life

By Liza de Guia “People are my favorite hobby.” – Liza deGuia, founder, food. curated
My new local tv season for food. curated. begins this Thursday in New York! I’m so happy. It’s a dream I kept pushing for the last two years, encouraging myself to pick up the cameras and film stories again. I feel so blessed to be working with NYC Media for Season 5, my wonderful local broadcast home for all five seasons. It’s a partnership with the City that’s lasted many years. All in all, they’ve been a huge supporter of my stories and of small food …read more

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Easy Hummus Recipe

By Jacqueline Meldrum A super quick and easy recipe for classic hummus made in a blender.

I don’t know about you, but we just about eat our body weight in hummus each month. We love this creamy Lebanese dip.

We always have some in the fridge. Sometimes it’s homemade and sometimes it’s shop bought. We usually have some classic hummus, but we often have some sweet chilli hummus too, which is a favourite of my husband.

Easy Hummus Recipe
Today was one of those days where I whipped up some easy homemade hummus in…
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Sourdough, Tagine, Eggs and Stir-Fries

By Karen Burns-Booth Sourdough, Tagine, Eggs and Stir-Fries: A midweek selection of images and recipes as shared on my Instagram account. From bread to stir-fries, it’s all here, as part of my Words on Wednesday series.

Some of February’s Instagram
Images and Recipes

Thus far February has been a month of white frost, snow, rain and drizzle, but with some dazzling days of sunshine in between too. Picking up from my last post Winter Words on Wednesday, I’m again sharing some images, words and recipes from my Instagram account. So far in February, we’ve had the Chinese Lunar Year, which is the year of the Pig, …read more

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Easy Instant Pot Pilau Rice (Electric Pressure Cooker)

By Helen This easy recipe for Instant Pot Pilau Rice rice makes a tasty spice-infused Indian side dish rice in 30 minutes with 3 minutes hands on time, perfect for a mid week meal. Tasty, quick and easy to make in your Instant Pot or other electric pressure cooker. Vegan and naturally gluten free.

I love the stovetop version of my easy pilau rice recipe. It’s straightforward as it is, but here’s an even faster & easier way of making this deliciously spiced rice dish by using an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker.
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5 Mins Air Fryer Pita Bread Pizza + Tutorial {Vegetarian}

By Bintu 5 Mins Air Fryer Pita Bread Pizza is just the thing to serve up as a quick and easy weeknight supper, kid-approved snack or weekend lunch. All it takes is 3 everyday ingredients and almost no effort to enjoy delicious cheesy pizza goodness.
Continue reading 5 Mins Air Fryer Pita Bread Pizza + Tutorial {Vegetarian} at Recipes From A Pantry. …read more

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Garlic Naan – Now, 100% Tandoor-Free

By (Chef John) Naan bread, especially this easy to make garlic naan, is the real reason Indian restaurants give you so much extra sauce when you order a curry. I mean, sure, the basmati rice helps, but good luck getting all that goodness off your plate using a fork. Besides being near lots of great curries, the other advantage the restaurant naan enjoys is being cooked in the intense heat of the tandoor oven. However, we can pull off a pretty good version at home by using a smoking hot cast iron skillet. By the way, it shouldn’t literally be smoking, since …read more

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Fun and Easy Rice Cake Fairy Faces Recipe

By Grace Hall As you may have seen me mention in some of my recent blog posts, this month I have been working with My Fairy Garden, who commissioned me to create three fun new recipes to complement their brand new Fairy Garden kit – the Fairy Kitchen Garden. This recipe is for some cute and easy rice cake fairy faces – a really fun little snack that kids can make themselves!

I created this easy recipe using cress and pea shoots grown in our Fairy Kitchen Garden. I used cream cheese topped rice cakes as a base, crunchy vegetables and blueberries to create …read more

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Puerto Rican Rice Stew with Shrimp and Pigeon Peas (Asopao de Camarones y Gandules)

By Marta Rivera This hearty, filing Puerto Rican stew is full of pigeon peas, shrimp, and rice. It’s satisfying soul food for cold days—or any day you need some TLC. Soaking the rice ahead of time speeds up the cooking. Continue reading “Puerto Rican Rice Stew with Shrimp and Pigeon Peas (Asopao de Camarones y Gandules)” »
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White Chocolate Green Tea Brownies and Japanese Craft Beer [Sponsored Post]

By Irvin These luscious and easy to make white chocolate green tea brownies, made with matcha, were inspired by a Japanese Craft Beer tasting I went to recently. (Jump directly to the recipe.)

This sponsored post is part of the Drink in a New Language campaign for Japanese Craft Beer. I was compensated for this post. However, all opinions below are completely my own and not endorsed by Japanese Craft Beer. You can learn more about Japanese Craft Beer on their Instagram account or Facebook page.
“Irvin! I wasn’t expecting to see you here!” said my friend Amy. She’s a food writer and any …read more

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Cute Garden Themed Mini Side Salad for Kids Recipe

By Grace Hall As I mentioned when I shared my fun Egg & Cress Tortilla Cups recipe last week, this month I have been working with My Fairy Garden, who commissioned me to create three fun new recipes to complement their brand new Fairy Garden kit – the Fairy Kitchen Garden. Today I’m sharing the second recipe – for a cute little garden themed mini side salad for kids.

This recipe was created with pea shoots that we grew in our Fairy Kitchen Garden. Initially my 5 year old was unsure about trying pea shoots, but he was so excited after growing them himself …read more

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Hoisin Pork, Broccoli and Spicy Rice

By Karen Burns-Booth Hoisin Pork, Broccoli and Spicy Rice – A delicious Asian inspired meal that is cooked from start to finish in the Ninja Foodi TenderCrisp Pressure Cooker in under half an hour.

A Pressure Cooker and Grill in One Machine

*Disclaimer: Paid collaborative post with Ninja Foodi – I have free editorial and all views are my own*
Today’s recipe for Hoisin Pork, Broccoli and Spicy Rice was made from start to finish in my Ninja Foodi OP300UK, a very clever all-in-one machine that is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, air fryer and has a grill! I am a bit a of a …read more

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