Mushroom Omelette with Chèvre, Cherry Tomatoes, and Sausage

By Riz Start your morning (or afternoon, or evening, I won’t judge¬) with this delicious mushroom omelette, topped with crumbly chèvre, cherry tomatoes and chopped sausage. Not only is it a delicious, flavourful, start to your day, it’s actually kinda good for you too. And that’s a big win.

I love mushrooms in my omelette. They have this rich, earthy taste just brings so much delicious contrast to the lighter, airier flavours of the egg…Not to sell you short on the chèvre (which is just fancy talk for goat’s cheese, which brings tanginess), the cherry tomatoes (which bring a very subtle sweetness), and …read more

Source:: Chocolates & Chai


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