Banana and Blueberry Granola Bars

By Sus Davy


The boat is currently moored in a nice secluded woody area, surrounded by humungous trees and fields of horses. It also appears to be a bit of a black hole, connection wise. No internet, no phone signal. Just me and my mind. It’s been both good and bad. I don’t like feeling disconnected. But I also know that this current world is full of too much information. My brain feels like a matrix of words and news sometimes, forever buzzing and processing all the information we have access to. Social media has made switching off and being present much harder. …read more

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Photo Essay: Meals on Wheels’ Star Chefs and Vintner’s Gala 2015

By Irvin

Meals on Wheels's Star Chefs and Vintner's Gala 2015

The first of two photo essays for the Meals on Wheels Star Chefs and Vintner’s Gala fundraiser of 2015.

AJ and I were prepared for our favorite food event of the year, the stellar Meals on Wheels’s Star Chefs and Vintners Gala. Last year it was mad rush for us to drive up from the first day of the AIDS Lifecycle fundraiser that AJ was on, but this year we leisurely got dressed in our tuxedos, drove over early to try beat the crowd. We’ve long …read more

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Day 3: Spinach and Cheese Strata from Miss Menagerie!

By makemendgrow


Day 3 is an amazing recipe from Sara over at Who doesn’t love a something easy to put together, but has the look of prepping for hours? Melting cheese and spinach, all put together lovingly? Count me in!

I love entertaining, but I’m one of those people who can’t carry on a conversation (or even feign listening to a one-sided conversation) while preparing anything from a recipe. I also love having house ​guests, but usually don’t love getting out of bed much before they do. You know what else I love? People thinking I’m fancy. Now, I …read more

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Day 2: Nikki and Steve’s Sweet Corn Quiche with Shrimp Creole Sauce

By makemendgrow


Years ago, I had an awesome neighbor that definitely made the block a better place! We became much closer after she moved away and have kept in touch through the years, sharing wisdom around kids, cooking, and essential oils. We both share a love of farm critters and homesteading. You may remember Nikki from a post a while back, where she made some amazingly easy bread! This recipe is no different-a great collaboration between herself and a peer, Steve! Thank you both for an amazing Sweet Corn Quiche & Shrimp Creole Sauce!!

Hello there from Elizabethtown Kentucky!! I am, again, honored …read more

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Day 1: The BEST Eggs Benedict with Power Couple Life!

By makemendgrow


Oh man you guys. We are kicking Brunch Week off with a BANG! Tiana from Power Couple Life is here to get us started with the BEST Eggs Benedict. After you check out this awesome recipe, please go check out their blog:


We are Eggs Benedict obsessed. The endless search of the perfect runny yolks and fully cooked whites is what my Sundays are made of. Traveling the world has given us the chance to try them in many places, but nowhere is quite like our very own kitchen.
Restaurants make this dish look like a …read more

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