British is best?

By press655


While researching the web looking for information on the next Slow Food Fair in Turin I came across some interesting stuff. I found an interesting article about culinary trade fairs and one was about food from all around the world. Someone reviewed it and said the French were rocking all their typical produce, the Chinese, Italians, Indians etc, etc were all promoting their produce but then when it came to the English stall, it was all about piss poor reproductions of world food processed into tins! That is what the whole British thing was about, Sharwoods curries, Heinz spag hoops …read more

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Gip Advisor – The half baked ramblings of a fried brain in brown butter

By press655

Street feasts

These days, it seems you can’t turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper without people talking about street food and the rise and rise of food trucks. The other day, my friend rung me up to chat about some gluten free pizza ideas. He’s bought an old ambulance, he’s rocking the festivals and he’s doing pizza, just pizza. And I got to thinking about all this street food and where it’s heading.

I was down at the Street Feast in Hackney recently, which is brilliant by the way. Wander from van to van and you can discover …read more

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Photographers Unite…

By Sunday Saucer

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I wanted to reach out to photographers both professional and aspiring to be so…and everyone in between. I have been contacted recently, by more than a few entities regarding “participation” in social media campaigns for products, services and branding efforts. These requests have taken many forms but there is one particular type of request that really got me thinking.

I know we all have very complex relationships with social media and for many of us it is a way to not only interact with friends and colleagues but to also use as an online platform for our work. For photographers, the …read more

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