By Paola Zaragoza Cardenales Rating



Type: Spanish Tapas Wine bar

Price: $30-50 per person

Parking: there is a valet parking that run independently nearby that many business use and I think they do have one for people that stay in the hotel.

Location: The Wave Hotel


We had a really friendly server that helped us out pick the wine. Keep in mind that in many wine bar restaurants, the customer chooses their wine but the waiter is always there to help.

He also helped us out pick the food since we wanted to try various things from the menu that I could eat.

The menu is in two forms: paper …read more

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Watermelon and Strawberry Iced Smoothie

By Jacqueline Meldrum A blended smoothie with the summery flavours of watermelon and strawberry.

This iced smoothie is a copycat smoothie of one I tried in Pizza Express. It was so good I had to replicate it at home.
Edinburgh Science Festival
During the school Easter holidays I took Cooper over to Edinburgh as the Science Festival was on. It’s always worth a visit if you have kids.
The festival is spread over several venues including the City Art Centre and the National Museum of Scotland runs every April…
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Enchilada noodles

By Becca @ Easy Cheesy Vegetarian These enchilada noodles are a quick and easy pasta dish with lots of flavour – perfect with plenty of Tex-Mex style toppings!

If there’s one thing I love more than cheesy pasta, it’s cheesy pasta that can be made in just 15 minutes. In fact, no – even better, cheesy Tex-Mex pasta that can be made in just 15 minutes. Basically all my favourite words in one little sentence. These enchilada noodles are quick and easy to make, and they taste incredible.

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Fresh Spring Vegetable Tart – Eat Your Heart Out, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

By (Chef John) This spring vegetable tart only looks hard to make, and would be a perfect centerpiece for any special occasion meal, just as long as you put it out on the table a little bit early, since we’ll need to allow enough time for all the Instagramming that follows. And please, no flash photography. As long as you use a wide array of colorful vegetables, and tuck them into a gnarly base of greens, this easy cheese tart/salad can’t help but look gorgeous. In fact, the hardest things will be deciding which vegetables to use, and how to prepare them.As I …read more

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Waltzing down the Danube on a River Cruise

By Karen Burns-Booth Waltzing down the Danube on a River Cruise – Visit 5 countries in 8 days on a relaxing and enriching river cruise with Viking River Cruises. I loved my time on-board Viking Vilhjalm as we sailed down to the river Danube from Passau to Budapest.

Viking River Cruises

Vilhjalm – Name of Norman RulersVilhjalm Langaspjót, or William I Longsword as he is also known, was the half-brother of Kadlin and the son of “Rolf the Ganger,” a Viking chief and first Duke of Normandy. Following in his famous father’s footsteps, William ruled Normandy from 927 until 942.

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Easy Easter Bunny Mini Snack Cups

By Grace Hall Easter is only a few days away and today I have a super simple fun Easter craft for you that would make a great last minute Easter project with the kids for the school holidays.

These cute Easter snack cups are fun to make and you can fill them with what ever food you like. You can keep them healthy as we did with fresh fruit and veggies, or mix in some yummy mini eggs or other Easter treats.

I used little cardboard muffin cups for this project and they were the perfect size to hold a small child-sized Easter snack. They’d …read more

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Happy Easter, Joyeuses Pâques, Pasg Hapus…..

By Karen Burns-Booth Happy Easter, Joyeuses Pâques, Pasg Hapus…..whether it be in English, French or Welsh, I’m wishing all my readers a fabulous and very happy Easter with some of my top Easter recipes in one post, making it easier for you to plan, cook and bake your Easter Feast this year.

An Easter Cookbook

As we approach the end of Easter Week, I’d like to share some of my most popular and much-loved family recipes today. From traditional Hot Cross Buns and sumptuous cakes, to savoury snacks, roast dinners and of course eggs! I hope you will all find something to inspire you to …read more

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Cheesy Waffle and Ham Breakfast Casserole Recipe + Tutorial

By Bintu Cheesy Waffle and Ham Breakfast Casserole is everything you love about breakfast tucked into one easy to make casserole. The perfect dish to serve for Easter breakfast, this delectable cheesy casserole is full of classic breakfast flavour.
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Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos (with mushrooms and eggs)

By Irvin These vegetarian breakfast tacos are a great way to start the morning. The mushrooms and eggs satisfy even the meat eaters in the house!

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Recently there was one of those HILARIOUS lists on one of
those viral websites (BuzzWorthyUpNowFeed or something like that) that talks
about random things that Americans do in movies/tv shows that the rest of the
world do not. This includes that fact that every American family not only has a
baseball in their house (not in their garage, but in their house) and will
immediately grab it when they hear a sound and go investigate (why don’t they
just …read more

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Avocado and halloumi wraps

By Becca @ Easy Cheesy Vegetarian These avocado and halloumi wraps are an incredibly tasty vegetarian lunch option – everything works so beautifully together!

I’ve lamented before about how uninspiring I sometimes find lunch – vegetarian choices in the shops can sometimes be a bit lacking (though definitely improving!). So lately I’ve been on a bit of a mission to share some more exciting vegetarian lunch options – coronation tofu sandwiches, creamy chickpea salad, and now, avocado and halloumi wraps!

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Easy Baked Beef Brisket – Slow and Low is Not the Tempo

By (Chef John) Remember that time you waited all day for your “low and slow” beef brisket to finish cooking, and once it finally did, it was dry? It left you disappointed, disillusioned, and wondering what went wrong. Well, I won’t bore you with all the scientific, easy-to-Google details, but basically meat can “stall” during long, low-heat methods, and never reach the proper internal temperature to fully release all the succulent goodness. If you really nail it, the results can be amazing, and I’ve gotten lucky a few times on the smoker, but this significantly faster method is much less risky. Unless …read more

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Harissa Cauliflower Lentil Stew with Lemon

By Erin Alderson Lentil Stew: my go to recipeI always feel like I’m never cooking with lentils enough. Sure, we make these lentil bites in some form every couple of weeks. However, for something so cheap and easy, I feel like they should be a one to two times a week meal. This lentil stew is flavorful and a perfect excuse for more lentil usage.What about lentil types? I’m sure a few of you will wonder if you can use a different type of lentil. Truth is, you totally could. However, I really love how soft and almost non-existent the red lentils become …read more

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